AFTER YEARS of delivering talent solutions to the insurance industry, we have perfected our skill of sourcing and evaluating those candidates who excel.


In order to excel at what we do, it is important that we get to know you.

FOR CLIENTS, a meeting with you will provide us with a solid understanding of your business and we will determine your expectations of our firm. We go beyond the job description to explore the key selection criteria, competencies, particular nuances of the department, position, team, culture etc. to facilitate our search.

FOR CANDIDATES, in an interview we will assess your unique skill set and most importantly explore what is on your “Wish List” in order for you to make that next career move.


We begin the search by identifying and screening candidates who closely match the criteria set out by our client. Your time is important and we do not want to waste it. We have developed a broad network in the insurance industry and our reach is national. We pride ourselves on our methods of operation which are governed by the highest ethical standards.


A candidate is presented to a client only if they are a close match for the role. We will discuss the potential “fit” with both parties to ensure that each are prepared to proceed to the interview stage. After the interview has been conducted, we debrief with both client and candidate to facilitate the process.


Once a finalist has been selected, we complete detailed references tailoring the questions to the level and nuances of the position. If an offer is to be extended, we will do so on behalf of our client. Our involvement at this stage is vital, as it often involves overcoming obstacles such as counteroffers. Our role is to facilitate ongoing communication between both parties.